TOP 5 Live cryptocurrency prices today with the best cryptocurrency price trackers

TOP 5 Live cryptocurrency prices today with the best cryptocurrency price trackers

A trader can respond to market changes more quickly and correctly if they can follow current crypto values in real time. This allows them to plan deals in advance. There are a ton of websites that follow cryptocurrency prices online, but which should you use in 2023?

List of Traders-Friendly Crypto Price Tracking Websites

We’ve also included some of our picks for the best cryptocurrency exchanges below that make it simple to track cryptocurrency coin prices. The majority of investors and traders typically use one or more of the websites below to track cryptocurrency price fluctuations in addition to the actual crypto exchange they choose to trade on:

  • CoinCodex – Best Crypto Tracking Site for Price Predictions in 2023
  • Dash 2 Trade – Upcoming Crypto Analytics Tool for 2023 With Price Tracking
  • eToro – Well Regulated Crypto Exchange with Mobile App to Track Live Crypto Prices
  • OKX – Trusted Crypto Exchange with Margin Trading, Real Time Crypto Prices
  • CoinMarketCap – Most Popular Cryptocurrency Price Tracker

Best Cryptocurrency Price Tracker Reviews

We go into more depth about the strengths of each cryptocurrency price tracker on our list as well as the features and tools that traders and investors can take advantage of below:

The best cryptocurrency tracking website for price predictions is CoinCodex


CoinCodex is a cryptocurrency data website that tracks 21870 cryptocurrencies trading on 413 exchanges, provides live crypto prices, and other helpful metrics like the total crypto market cap – $831 billion today, up 0.05% in the last 24 hours – and Bitcoin dominance. It was founded by David Ernuta in 2017 just before the year’s crypto bull run.

CoinCodex is more than just a website that tracks current cryptocurrency prices; it also monitors the performance of the most recent Binance IEOs, the current ETH gas fees, upcoming token sales, and ICOs. Additionally, it writes in-depth reviews of exchanges, gathers the most recent news for each cryptocurrency asset, lets you set up portfolio tracking, provides a newsletter, has an app for mobile monitoring, and more.

Predictions of cryptocurrency prices are its most distinctive characteristic and one of the most beneficial to consumers. For instance, CoinCodex offers a free Bitcoin price prediction for the following five days and one month, estimating it to be $16,857 at the time of writing.

When predicting the price of bitcoin, CoinCodex considers a number of technical factors, including market sentiment, recent volatility, the fear and greed index, year-over-year growth averages, and more. It offers comparable cryptocurrency price projections for all the altcoins monitored on its website, including newer low market cap currencies, making it a great tool to add to your trading toolbox. Users that register an account and log in will have access to more price information.

The CoinCodex CEO noted in an interview with that the site’s founders are all “cryptocurrency lovers” who closely monitor new trends and changes in the ecosystem. This enthusiasm is reflected in the large variety of crypto tools that CoinCodex provides.

Dash 2 Trade – A Coming Crypto Analytics Tool With Price Tracking for 2023

Dash 2 Trade
Dash 2 Trade

In Q1 2023, a brand-new cryptocurrency project called Dash 2 Trade will launch, revolutionizing the way traders watch the cryptocurrency markets in ways other than merely keeping an eye on price movement.

Built by traders, for traders, a portion of its dashboard will enable traders to analyze and predict the potential future price of new altcoins and presale tokens that have not yet launched, as well as completely new token listings on exchanges, which are frequently not yet tracked by websites like CoinCodex and CoinMarketCap that early in their development.

Dash 2 Trade was created by a community of 70,000+ traders at Learn 2 Trade, a crypto signals provider founded in 2003, prior to the emergence of cryptocurrency. At the time, it was focused on the forex markets, but with the creation of Bitcoin, it expanded into the crypto space as well.

On our list of the top cryptocurrency presales, you can find out more about Dash 2 Trade and other future projects.

eToro – A reputable cryptocurrency exchange with a mobile app to view real-time cryptocurrency prices


One of the most secure cryptocurrency exchanges available, eToro remained untouched by the numerous bankruptcy and insolvency problems that afflicted different crypto platforms during 2022.

In addition to being a reliable place to acquire cryptocurrencies, it also offers helpful information on daily crypto price movements in its “daily movers” feed, such as which assets are rising and falling in value and the top-trending cryptocurrencies.

eToro is also well recognized for being a social trading platform, which allows traders to network with one another and choose whether or not to imitate other traders’ trades. You could want to utilize its copy trading capabilities if you’re new to trading and find the volatility of the cryptocurrency market difficult to understand because it fluctuates significantly more than other financial markets like equities or FX.

Trusted Crypto Exchange with Real-Time Cryptocurrency Prices: OKX

Although OKX offers leverage on cryptocurrencies, eToro does not. OKX is a reputable cryptocurrency exchange that is listed among the top three by trust score on CoinGecko and the top ten on CoinMarketCap.

Because of this, we give it a high ranking on our list of the top cryptocurrency price trackers. Keeping track of cryptocurrency prices is crucial if you want to actively hold or trade cryptocurrencies, since little price changes may greatly impact your profits or losses.

The OKX exchange (formerly known as OKEx) offers a filtering option for several cryptocurrency kinds, including NFT coins and football fan tokens, on its cryptocurrency pricing feed.

OKX also includes some of the top new cryptocurrencies, such as Tamadoge, a meme coin that we have been tracking on our website from its presale phase (TAMA). Visit OKX using the link below to view its price chart and register.

The Most Popular Cryptocurrency Price Tracker, CoinMarketCap


The most popular cryptocurrency website in the sector is now called CoinMarketCap, or simply “CMC.” As noted on its website, prominent news organizations like CNBC, Bloomberg, and Reuters commonly use it to get real-time cryptocurrency pricing data.

With its 2013 founding as one of the first independent live cryptocurrency price tracking services, CoinMarketCap enjoyed first mover advantage. It was later purchased by Binance in 2020. Due to the ubiquity of cryptocurrencies nowadays, a new coin in a sense doesn’t exist until it is added to CMC with its price tracking and charting.

However, other from its well-known brand, CoinMarketCap doesn’t provide many distinctive capabilities and has come under fire for tracking shady tokens on DEX platforms (decentralized exchanges), which later proved out to be frauds and ruses. Warnings for speculative coins that could have tampered with smart contracts are shown on CoinMarketCap, however they are frequently shown after the fact.

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