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The Coda Testnet is currently DOWN
Expected testnet restart: mid-March (precise date unknown)

Getting Connected[edit]


information about the required hardware, network connection, and software to take on different roles within the network
Hardware Requirements:
At least a 4-core processor
16gb of RAM
30GB space

Install a Node[edit]

links and tips for standing up a Coda testnet node

Running a Coda Node on a Virtual Private Server on a Budget

If you don't know how to setup an Ubuntu VPS and secure it. Here you find a little tutorial for Mac OS and Windows

Create and Fund an Account[edit]

links and tips for creating an account and acquiring testnet tokens

Actively Participating[edit]


description of the Coda staking system and how to stake your tokens

SNARK solving[edit]

description of the purpose and requirements of SNARK solving, the SNARK marketplace, and how to run a SNARK worker